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100,000+ deals sourced from thousands of brokers and marketplaces. Kumo monitors the market so you can save time, and get stuff done.

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Active Deals

Supercharge your deal sourcing by capturing every business opportunity listed online by business owners and brokers.

Listings Sourced

Our Data Engine algorithmically cleans and combines business listings from thousands of brokers.

Revenue Captured

Current total annual revenue of deals sourced on Kumo. Find deals of every size, industry, and type.

Kumo deals are aggregated from hundreds of sources

Kumo aggregates deals from thousands of brokers to speed up your search

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On Demand

Unlimited access to deal flow, refreshed constantly to give you the most up-to-date information

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Every deal from all available sources, in one place with notifications delivered daily to your inbox

Find your next deal. Fast.

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Smarter search with better data

Make informed decisions with thoughtful, real-time insights into available deals. Then make your next move feeling confident in your data.

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Easily surface relevant targets

Our proprietary engine with 100M+ data points & smarter search engine enables you to see the right companies faster.

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Global coverage

We source deals from all over the world. North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, & Australia.

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Keep track of your deals

Save deals to your account, make personal notes, and easily reference them from your profile.

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No referral fees

We don't charge commissions, referral, or success fees.

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Get deals on your terms

Seamless filters and smart sorts help you find your deals faster: Asking Price, EBITDA, Industry, Business Type, and more.

Hundreds of websites, thousands of deals, aggregated

Streamline your search for the right targets and find what others miss. Confidently search for relevant opportunities with up-to-date and comprehensive information about each.

Kumo has hundreds of sources

Try the deal aggregator of the future, today.

Get the latest information on the deal landscape. See what your competitors miss and engage in meaningful conversations with the right opportunities.

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