Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kumo?

Kumo's mission is to simplify and streamline the process of buying and selling a business - and we're starting with search.

Currently, Kumo aggregates hundreds of thousands of deals into one easy-to-use platform, so you can optimize your deal sourcing workflows. We hope this significantly saves you time and exposes you to deal flow you otherwise would have missed.

But we're not done - stay tuned to see what's next, or send us a note to let us know how we can help you.

Who can use Kumo?

Kumo is used by a large range of industry professionals, including: Company Owners, Business Brokers, Family Offices, Private Equity, Traditional Search Funds, Self-funded Searchers, Strategic Buyers, M&A Advisors, Sell-side Investment Banks, and more.

How does Kumo source opportunities?

Kumo monitors hundreds of publicly available marketplaces, brokerage sites, and more to find all the businesses listed for sale online. We identify & merge duplicates into unique business opportunities, clean up unstructured data, and track changes to listings across the web. Kumo has monitored more than 800,000 business listings online.

What industries and regions does the platform cover?

Kumo has the most extensive coverage in the United States and Canada, but is constantly expanding its global reach.

Kumo is industry agnostic, and currently covers the following industries: automotive, business services, construction, consumer goods, distribution, education, energy & utilities, financial services, food & beverage, health/fitness, healthcare, industrials, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, materials, media, real estate, retail, SaaS apps & platforms, technology, telecom, transportation, and more.

What type of engagements does Kumo offer?

Kumo focuses on majority and 100% buyout opportunities. While Kumo currently does not have plans to source other types of engagements, we're always open to hearing feedback - let us know at!

Is Kumo like Axial, PrivSource, or Interexo?

Sort of. Kumo offers a deal platform similar to those websites. However, unlike Axial, Kumo does not charge fees on any deals sourced through the Platform; unlike PrivSource, Kumo does not have general requirements for revenue or EBITDA, and has a wider range of deal sizes; unlike Interexo, Kumo does not operate on a credits system, and all users have full access to all deals on the Platform.

Is Kumo right for me and/or my firm?

That depends. Kumo offers value to buyers and intermediaries looking to acquire/exit in a virtual market, through a less traditional M&A process. Our buyside members consist of private equity firms, single family offices, independent sponsors, traditional search funds, and strategic M&A groups. Our sellside members consist of investment bankers, M&A advisors, and high quality brokers.

Kumo is free to use with limited access (see details here). Try it for yourself to see if it's a good fit for you and your firm! If you'd like to discuss enterprise pricing for larger teams, contact our sales team at

How much does Kumo cost?

Kumo is free to use, and offers straightforward pricing plans for Pro and Ultimate features. You can learn about our current offerings on our Pricing Page here.

Do you offer free trials of Kumo Pro? How does it work?

There is currently no free trial for paid membership.

If you subscribe to the Pro or Ultimate Plans for premium features, you can cancel at anytime, and you’ll continue to have paid access for the remainder of your billing period.

Does Kumo charge referral or success fees?

No, Kumo does not charge any referral or success fees for deals sourced via the Kumo Platform.

How can I create a Kumo account?

Creating a Kumo account is easy, free, and requires just your Name, Email Address, and Password. You can create a Kumo account here. No credit card required.

How do I cancel my account or subscription?

You can cancel your Kumo subscription at any time.

You can cancel your subscription under Billing Settings here. Click Manage your Billing Profile, and you can cancel your subscription. This is the quickest way to cancel your account, and will be processed immediately. You can confirm that your cancellation has been successfully completed by navigating back to the Billing tab of the Account Settings page, or refreshing the page.

If you need help accessing your Account Settings page, please reach out to us at We'd be happy to direct you to the correct page so you can cancel your account properly.

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